ACA of Texas Consumer Hotline

1-800-957-DEBT (3328)
Fax: 512-458-8740
The Consumer Hotline is a service of the American Collectors Association of Texas offered to the general public, government and municipal agencies, businesses and association members who have questions or complaints regarding collection techniques, state and federal laws governing the industry and consumer's rights. This service is one of ACA of Texas' programs designed to enhance the overall professionalism, regulatory compliance and business ethics of the collection industry, reinforcing our association's commitment to improving the image of the industry with the general public and government regulators.

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Hotline Service & Complaint Form

Requests for Information or Assistance.
Responses are designed to provide practical advice and techniques to get a problem or issue quickly resolved.

Complaint Processing. Complaints are recorded and analyzed as to whether the company is a third-party collection agency who is a member of ACA of Texas. A link to a complaint form is below.

Complaints against member agencies are referred to the agency in an effort to resolve legitimate problems or disputes to the satisfaction of the complainant.

Information on alternative resources is offered when the complaint involves a non-member agency, a creditor or credit reporting agencies.

Important Notice

Although we wish to be of assistance, we can only process complaints involving third-party debt collection agencies. Problems or issues with creditors contacting consumers directly or with credit reporting agencies are not within the scope of this service.